Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just so you know, honey, I really don't want to know

lemon bars
I made Nancy Silverton's asparagus, fontina, and prosciutto sandwiches Thursday night. No special alchemy, just a decent idea for a sandwich that I wouldn't have come up with on my own. You roast asparagus and toast some bread. Rub the bread with garlic. Put asparagus on bread, top with a poached egg, top with fontina, melt under broiler for 30 seconds, top with prosciutto, eat with knife and fork, then eat all the asparagus your kids took out of their sandwiches ("Just so you know, Mom, I don't like asparagus,") load the dishwasher, go to bed.

This involved a lot of dishes for sandwiches, but given sandwiches are all we ate, fewer dishes than usual. Recipe is here.

I'm trying to cook one thing a day, no more and no less. On Friday I made Smitten Kitchen's whole lemon bars which involves pureeing a lemon, skin and all, with sugar and egg and pouring this over the shortbread crust. Definitely easier than juicing the lemon and scraping the zest as I've done in the past with Joy of Cooking lemon bars, but how will I ever know which is the better bar unless I test them side by side? I'm not going to do that. There was a day not long ago when I would have, but I've come to value sanity over the scientific method. Smitten's lemon bars are good. Joy lemon bars are good. You won't go wrong with either.

I put the pan of lemon bars in the refrigerator to firm up on Friday night so I could cut them into pretty squares on Saturday morning, but Isabel's two best friends started the job for me after I went to bed. Isabel told me that her friends thought the lemon bars were "too eggy," but I think the pan tells another story.
Teenagers are cute.
I didn't cook anything on Saturday. Does that mean I have to cook two things today? 


  1. I'm glad you still think they are cute since they got into your lemon bars. Good mother. NO, you do not have to cook 2 things today. You are waaaay ahead on lifetime cooking. Have a great day!

  2. Yeah, good thing you think they're cute cause they made a mess of your bars!

    I've had the Silverton sandwich book for years, but haven't made anything from except the oreo cookies (Thomas Keller's are better imo), so I'm looking forward to your reports.

  3. I want a lemon bar RIGHT NOW.

  4. Um, I think that taking a Sunday off is plenty well-deserved since you've cooked THREE things for dinner for who knows how long. I'd say you've banked quite a few YEARS off of cooking . . . But don't do that, of course. You are in the pressure position of cooking to feed four mouths and gazillions of hungry eyes! Love your blog.