Thursday, December 27, 2012

The trip we made to Hollywood is etched upon my mind

where you'll find us
To be honest, I didn't want to make our annual end-of-year road trip to Los Angeles. I wanted everyone to go without me so I could catch up on work and clean the house. Christmas Eve I felt a little sick and thought maybe I could have a mild flu and send the family off, cancel the housesitter, and a few hours later I'd recover completely and they'd have a great time and I would get to clean the house. Isabel thinks it's ridiculous and pathetic to want to clean the house rather than go on a trip to Los Angeles and keeps needling me about it. She's right, of course, but I give her twenty years and she will understand.

This was the home agenda:

-finish writing the train article
-finish writing the Victoria article
-write the Nanaimo bar story
-throw out all the dead plants on the deck
-sweep up all the dead leaves on the deck
-clean the pantry
-clean the bedroom closet
-buy a new doormat
-buy a lampshade for the standing lamp
-clean out the refrigerator

This is the L.A. agenda:

-drink manhattans with Eric and Kathleen at their new house (DONE!)
-see Julianna
-finish writing the train article
-finish writing the Victoria article
-tour the Gamble house
-eat a shrimp sandwich at Baco Mercat and maybe try a shrub cocktail. One shrub cocktail.
-maybe buy a pair of shoes at Remix. One pair.
-go to The Varnish with husband and have a drink. One drink.
-see Zero Dark Thirty
-have lunch at Forage and meet pastry chef
-take Isabel shopping


  1. I'm older than you and Isabel combined and I think she was right.

  2. Of course Isabel was right, but I completely understand the need for some down time and reduction of chaos. You can do that later, it will still be there! Have a great time!

  3. I get you, sister. My daughter is at work with my husband all day today, and I can't wait to put on some good music and tackle the mess! Except that I slept in a good long time first...

  4. I miss LA....

  5. I can see both sides of this but overall Isabel had the right idea :) I will be trying to limit myself to one cocktail here: tonight for our anniversary even though I am ready for the overindulgence of the holidays to be over....

  6. The Gamble House! Such a beautiful place. I live right down the street from it (which sounds like I live in a swanky neighborhood, but it doesn't actually work out that way.) And while you're in the neighborhood, and if the kids are not entirely sick of culture-type activities, you could visit the Huntington Library, Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens.

  7. I am not one to judge since being in my mid forties(ughh) I struggle with these decisions daily. Although I do love to cook, creat, decorate and the like I find it hard to carve out the time to enjoy those things and my reality is I have to get through them leaving little time to enjoy them. I also have been trying to focus on spending time with the people in life I love to be around and activities that are new and fun. If at all possible I try to choose people and experiences over dusting eetc. I keep a neat, roughly organized house but not the immaculate house of my younger days. So my mind would go right to wanting to get my house in order but then with some contemplating I would have choosen the visit. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  8. Looking forward to reading your nanaimo bar piece. We just got back from Vancouver last night and enjoyed a nanaimo bar (and great muffins & coffee) at the Wired Monk at Crescent Beach.

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