Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Yesterday in a picture

The interstate looks so peaceful when you're not on it.
I tried to drive up the east side of Idaho yesterday. The first three hours were a bit icy, but fine. The last half hour, when, through the crazily swirling snow I could barely see oncoming trucks barreling up the center line (or what I guessed was the center line), I was pretty sure I was going to die. Thirty miles from my destination, I gave up, turned around, and very slowly made my way back to Jackson, Wyoming, whence I came. Possibly wimpy, but definitely alive.

As expected, Good to the Grain won the Tournament of Cookbooks, tapped in the final round by Mario Batali. I'm sad this is over. Where will I get my cookbook talk now?


  1. Safe and wimpy is much smarter than foolhardy and hospitalized!

  2. Agreed on the cookbook talk. Reading about other people cooking from cookbooks is much more fun than cooking from them myself.

  3. Just read the last Piglet entry -- what?! They didn't cook a single recipe from either book? How can you pick a cookbook tournament winner based on everything BUT the outcome of the recipes?

  4. I read Batali's “review;” does not he have enough money already that he felt compelled to advertise an upcoming cookbook “written” by his two sons? We should brace ourselves for a a new Batali-Bastianich restaurant catering to kids.


  5. I was unclear from both the Batali and Orlean entries whether they'd engaged with the books much at all.
    I wasn't sure if Batali was kidding about the cookbook by his sons -- apparently not!

  6. had a drive like that in KS---going to airport to pick up my daughter so turning around wasn't an option---got a hotel for the night and had a nice cocktail at the restaurant :) and spent $75 on cheese the next morning which I totally earned for that drive!

  7. Quite a photo. Reminds me of "Fargo."
    Glad you erred on the side of safe and wimpy.