Monday, February 25, 2013

I dreamed a dream

We ate every soft, sighing crumb.
I understand that oaks, suburban public schools, and backyard goats are incompatible with Filipino gastropubs, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and blood orange donuts, but I wish that just a single atom of the creativity and ambition and artistry that abound in NYC would migrate to Mill Valley, California.

To wrap up our trip to New York:

-According to the Village Voice, Dough sells the best donuts in New York City.  Quote: "Dough pushes gorgeously light, plus-size doughnuts with soft, sighing middles." We went there. We ordered four donuts: dulce de leche, cafe au lait, cheesecake, and raspberry jelly. All delicious. Light. Soft, sighing middles. The neighborhood seemed sketchy, but Dough did a brisk business and at one point a paddy wagon pulled up and a cop came in and bought a passionfruit donut. If you're ever in Bed-Stuy, go.

-We saw Book of Mormon. Maybe we weren't in the mood, maybe it's been overhyped, maybe Book of Mormon humor has so thoroughly permeated our culture that what once seemed fresh and transgressive now seems coarse and obvious. I was mildly amused, mildly offended, mildly bored.

-Dirt Candy. Tasty vegetarian food, genial service, punishingly small restaurant. I could touch the lavatory door from my seat and every time someone went in or out I got a view of the toilet and a big gust of warm bathroom air. Not gross or foul smelling, but definitely bathroom air. I loved Pete Wells' review and wanted to exult in this little restaurant, but couldn't. I wish them well. I wish them a bigger space.

We did some more stuff, but it seems like a noisy, gray anxiety dream now that we are home. Home seems like a different kind of dream, quiet and sunny and calm. The bobcat turned up to welcome me back and even he seemed like a creature from a dream. I've been taking cold medicine and it messes with my mind.

Justine (sister) and family came over last night and we watched the Oscars.

My mom would have loved this.
I like to think the Seth MacFarlane humor went over their heads. Or at least some of their heads.


  1. Oh no, don't sell mill valley too short- more than a single atom lives in your house- and maybe migrated from there!

  2. I knew that bobcat would be back.

  3. I think that NYC creativity comes with the price of overcrowding, so that's the trade-off. Maybe a visit is the best way to enjoy all that creativity. Glad you had a good trip, glad you're back, and damn that bobcat! That doughnut looks like my doughnut ration for a year!

  4. "paddywagon". now there's a word you don't see any more.
    just so you know, "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter" is currently on display in the ever-so-selective window of the Harvard Book Store.
    you've arrived.

  5. I know, I know, we love the weather and the outdoors in Marin but the other stuff....hmmm, harder with which to deal. In Philadelphia for work this week and the urban-ness of it is so great! Thanks for your posts as always!

  6. my grandmother took a picture of us (4 cousins) on the couch watching "Friday the 13th" It is priceless, and I don't know where it is today but your picture brought back memories. I would take a little sunshine today but I know what you mean. Coming from TX the only thing I really miss is the weather. There is something really marvelous about accessibility that trumps an easy winter.

  7. I came back from gray, noisy, wonderful Paris with a cold too. I feel your dreaminess!

  8. You are raising your children, and building wood-burning ovens, and milking pet goats, and living a life only dreamed of by many, in Northern California. Don't sell it short for a short stint in a hectic, smelly, arrogant, all-too-pleased-with-itself city.

  9. I live not far from Dough (yes, it's a little sketchy around here) and I love when I stop in there and see a couple of officers waiting in line for their Dulce de Leche or Earl Grey/Chocolate doughnut. It feels so Mayberry.

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