Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where is my beloved fog?

I started some bacon on Saturday and made some Parmesan stock on Sunday, both from Ethan Stowell's New Italian Kitchen, but it has been too hot to smoke the bacon or use the Parmesan stock or do anything in the kitchen but eat cold grapes and drink beer. Today is probably the perfect day to try making these enticing crackers using solar energy and perhaps I will do just that.

Sundry other stuff:

-Owen got three bizarre and adorable new chickens for his birthday. One of them looks just like this. Another laid the smallest egg we have ever seen -- about the size of a large jelly bean. It was oddly disturbing. We fried the micro-egg, but no one wanted to eat it.

-Terrific essay about not reading Jonathan Franzen's Freedom.

-This review made me take Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw off the shelf which in turn made me revisit

-this, which I must remember to bookmark. Who the hell is Forelock?

-this is right-on, but you'll probably only enjoy it if you watch Rubicon.

-If you have baked a lot of Dorie Greenspan recipes you might enjoy seeing her in action. Am I the only one who doesn't understand the apple pie-cheese concept?

-If you don't subscribe to Bon Appetit, you might have missed this fascinating recipe, which I am going to attempt right before I start the next diet.

-I can't wait to start cooking from Thai Street Food, but am holding off until I have finished writing the book. Meanwhile, controversy.


  1. Oh yes, you have to make that candy-covered slab of beautifulness. My son and I made it over the weekend. It was supremely yummy, but we gave over half of it away, because a little goes a long way, even for a seven year-old. But so good!

  2. that chicken actually looks like someone dressed up in an improbable chicken costume.
    i feel so ignorant for having thought a chicken was a chicken.

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  4. I'm really excited about your imminent dip into Thai Street Food. The book is now in transit to me from (where it's currently 40% off), and I'm looking forward to cooking along with you.

    (By the way, I've listed your blog on my "Favorite Places" in my blog)

  5. The chicken and the candy bark are equally wrong human creations, yet somehow I want one of each.

    I haven't bought a cookbook in a long time (usually just picking from the internet), but I have been inspired by your blog! Just bought one called My Bombay Kitchen.

  6. That bit on Franzen resonated with me. I was the same way about Titanic. People need to settle down.

  7. Oh, Tipsy. Thanks for linking up that review of Medium Raw... now I have to commit myself to reading Ruhlman's website, along with your blog and the 3984334 other food-related blogs I seem to not be able to live without.

    I continue to love, love, love reading your blog, as always. P.S. the picture of the chicken made me shoot hot chocolate out of my nose. Owie.

  8. Love your blog! It's bookmarked. Giggled as I read the Rubicon review by Jon Carroll, too. Glad no one ate the fried micro-egg. See you at DOT next month! -Deb

  9. Silkie chickens! I'm so glad you got one. Now I can have one vicariously through you. So, are they really the lap dogs of the chicken world? Do they actually sleep in a pile on the floor because they can't fly up onto the roost? Are the eggs always that tiny? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. I just received my copy of Thai Street Food. I wasn't expecting something so gorgeous. The photos are amazing. We spent three weeks in Thailand last year while adopting our son and we ate many of our meals on the street. I'm so excited to see what recipes you will make!

  11. She's not reading the book out of "principle"? Well, see now, I don't follow insider literary whoopididoo, and only see Time magazine when I visit my long-retired dad (does anyone under 75 read Time?), so I had no idea there was hubbub outside the normal new-book-by-big-name-author hubbub surrounding Franzen's latest. I quite liked "The Corrections" so when I saw that "Freedom" could be had on my Kindle, I bought it. I'm 59 percent into the book (we don't do pages on Kindle) and love it.

  12. Forelock is Michael Ruhlman.

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