Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We were supposed to go to Japan, but. . .


In Barcelona we ate ham and sobrasada and took the train to Girona, which we loved, and toured the Gaudi park, which we didn't, and heard Bach in a cathedral. We all like Fanta limon and patatas bravas, but the thing I will miss most about Barcelona is L'Ascensor. (Go there! Order a pomada.) 

 Owen bought a magic set, the instructions to which were in Spanish thereby rendering it useless and him tearful. Isabel bought a sundress that she might wear to middle school graduation. Mark watched soccer with true soccer fans in a bar, twice. I bought a pair of fashion-forward shoes that I may never wear, but like to look at.
Daytime drinking

The other day something (this) made me laugh so hard that Owen rudely yelled at me to STOP because I was interrupting The Witches of Waverly Place dubbed into Spanish. I thought, wow, I've developed quite a hearty belly laugh to go along with my belly. And then something else happened later that day and I laughed again and realized I didn't have a new "fat" laugh. It had just been a really long time since I'd laughed.
crazy sea creature and paella

 We're home again now and while I'm happy to see our goats and to catch up on The Killing, mostly I'm sorry this vacation is over. It was very, very special.

Do you know what I didn't miss?



  1. I am loving The Killing, also! Perhaps you enjoyed the scene where the fiance and the son ate all the wedding cake samples while Linden sleuthed.

  2. Sounds like a dream. I wish our children were closer in age, our vacations otherwise sound very compatible. Welcome back!

  3. Welcome Back! I always miss cooking when we go on vacation. I HATE eating every meal in a restaurant.

  4. what an awesome vacation...it's nice to be able to admit you didn't like something on a dream vacation, makes you seem more real ;) our vacations seem to revolve around food as well, but not in a cruise ship sort of way, it has really broadened our daughter's palate. We have lots of toys with only Korean instructions so I feel Owen's pain....

  5. Owen may try some of the translation programs online. They are far from perfect; yet he may figure out what to do.
    Glad to hear you had a great time.


  6. Loved hearing about this trip. Glad you're home.

  7. Glad you had such a great time, but where's the picture of the shoes?!

  8. Yes, shoe photo please!

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