Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just a couple of dishes

The crust on the blueberry almond tart from Chocolate and Zucchini is like a shortbread cookie. The filling has intense blueberry flavor without being at all gloppy, which is sometimes the case with pie. It is tidy to eat; you can pick up a slice with your fingers. The recipe is here and you should make it before the end of blueberry season because it is very delicious.

My meatball gold standard is still the meatball from Nancy Silverton's Mozza, but the Chocolate and Zucchini lamb-and-prune meatballs are also lovely -- sweet, delicate, and Middle Eastern, as opposed to brawny, zesty, and Italian. They're also easy. (Silverton's meatballs are a production.) Recipe is here.
zucchini with olives at left
Interesting that while I'm indifferent to both chocolate and zucchini, I like Chocolate and Zucchini so much. I look at almost every recipe and think, I could make that tonight. And I might not even have to to go to the supermarket! And I can start 30 minutes before we want to eat! The recipes are simple and reasonable and they all work, perfect for this weird phase in my cooking life when I'm more interested in masonry than pastry.

The state of the oven:

People keep thinking the brick base is the oven itself, but it's not. It's just the platform that will hold the oven. The opening in the brick is for wood storage and later we'll bolt molding on so it doesn't look so raggedy. I was hoping to be further along with this by now, but I don't think we'll be baking pizza until September.


  1. Hey! It looks great. If there's any way you can get the dome built now, do--the oven takes a few weeks to dry out enough to bake properly, so if you are on hiatus for a few weeks, that would be handy timing. It took me about half a day to build the sand form and then the 4" dome wall.

  2. Where do you build the fire?

  3. congratulations on the oven. it looks wonderful what a great project for owen and you to do together. i am eager to see it and even more eager to taste what you bake in it.

    PS i cannot belive you watched that mel gibson movie. Yuk!

  4. Your description of Chocolate and Zucchini's accessibility is the secret of a cookbook's success at my house. Unlike you, I have reached a point in my life where I am not interested in cooking elaborate meals. I love to watch you do it, but I am just watching and learning, not making plans. The oven looks like it is going to be fantastic. I will keep watching.............